Work Notes: Using the gh cli (GitHub CLI) for note taking/blogging.

New Day: Mon Dec 18 2023 14:56:54 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

Creating a gist is simple: gh gist create.

How to update a gist which is already published:

Bringing the gist onto a WordPress blog post.

With this, you want to maximize using their code because if you build too much on it, then it will be like a house of cards falling down.

New Day: Thu Dec 21 2023 10:55:40 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

Bringing in and syncing those Gists.

gh gist list – Then pick the one which you think is the most recent or most relevant.

write ‘gh gist edit’ then select all the id number of the one which is most recent then hit enter.

Make your updates and then write to it using :w for vim or whatever terminal editor you’ve chosen with the gh cli.

Note: You can use custom third party extensions for the GH CLI, so find or create a custom extension for uploading to WordPress.

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