Work Notes: Making Contractor Bud usable for regular basis purposes

New Day: Mon Sep 18 2023 12:47:48 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)


[ ] 536xgF – Shoot images with my simple phone and then, I will get a link back which I can view further analytics on my a browser such as my Android phone or Laptop.

What would be good is if you just sent it as an image then it replies with what it would be on the web app and then you can edit it further from there depending on how much time you have.

For PWAs:

I would like to use a PWA but I don’t know if I can save it within the thing. Google Docs you can save images on the Doc offline but that’s an Android app not a PWA. So this is a non-starter at the moment (Mon Sep 18 2023).

For the text message(SMS)

For text message with the sending of receipts, I could reply with what is being inputted to the system and if they want to change it then they can via sending back numbers.

So like, if the White Buick isn’t the vehicle associated with the route then it’ll produces 4 options and the last option would be, “Different vehicle not listed”.

I could see that it’s the circle k on the west side and then assume that’s used for a certain route which almost always goes to THAT gas station.

Side Notes:
– I need to have like a wrap up block summarize what I did that day and what I plan to do.
– WordPress isn’t doing a good enough job with showing the posts I have been working on lately so it’s taking too long to find posts I have been working on lately.
– Also, WordPress’s analytics through Jetpack is crappy and full of upsells, also, it doesn’t save it unless you have an account and I don’t wanna make an account with them, I’d rather have it localized to my site.

I’m not even going to mess around on the Pixel, I am just going to shoot images with my simple phone and then, I will get a link back which I can view further analytics on my Pixel. These analytics will not tell too much and will only show extra if a user signs in or is signed in.

I could send a message to the system which says, “See Village analytics” or “See my Timesheet analytics“.

So I guess I need to get back to Twilio.

Wrap up: Mon Sep 18 2023 13:40:59 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

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