Work notes: Building a ‘Barebones’ theme for better cURL output

New Day: Mon Mar 27 2023 11:09:28 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

I had this problem in another post:

“Seeing what’s in the checkout page, I need to work hard to get that checkout page as small as plausible to make it easier for me to consume.

There’s so much boilerplate/cruft that I’m probably going to have to make a “clean space” to put the outputs I want.

I wonder what the checkout page would look like on a minimum theme, no styling, just enough to get the checkout page to show.”

Doing this will speed up development tremendously due to the fact that I won’t need to open the webpage viz. open the page and refresh it.

This will also speed up the development of Extended Checkout.

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