Documentation: Woocommerce-Blocks Filters Blocks

useCollection: Appears to be a base hook. Which appears to be coming from this file. Described as a hook for wiring up a component to a collection route. “Queries are performed using useCollection hooks”

useQueryStateByContext: A custom hook that exposes the current query state and a setter for the query state store for the given context. “Query State” is a store that keeps track of an arbitrary object of query keys and their values.

displayedOptions: Current state of useState(?) which is being modified by setDisplayedOptions

setDisplayedOptions: A function which fills in the “dummy/Lorem Ipsum” data of the default value of displayedOptions which uses a useState hook to instantiate the variable. Takes in the parameter ‘newOptions’.

useEffect: A hook which acts as a Side Effect. Takes in two parameters, the first is a function, the second is an array. In the array is a list of values/vars that if the state changes of the value/var the useEffect hook is ran. Also, if the array of the 2nd param is empty it effectively acts as a onMount hook.

useCallback: Only recreates the function of the const when the value of one of the array of dependencies changes. useCallback is most useful for speedy function creation or “referential equality”.

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