Guides: How I Document

Whenever I am searching and I cannot find the answer I am looking for, I then that same query into my Documenting article. Such as “Make Menu full-width with Full Site Editing”. I then go through the process of documenting me doing that.

Sometimes when I’m working on code and in the zone I don’t have time to go back to WP and write down I usally write via comments my findings then I bring them back to the documenting post after I am done for the day or during.

+ When I am documenting I make sure to put the one where I’m writing the documenting info on the furthest most right of all the WordPress sites I’m working on.

+ Whenever you are documenting, asks yourself, if my computer blew up, what would I lose. That loss in terms of progress, how to do to certain things etc. Even if it may seem too verbose still document it.

+ Before I add a new part to an article I tend* to end in with a conclusion and why I’m extending it to another article or why I am not extending and apparently finished the task the article is centered around.

+ I want to add as much pertinent information about the article so when I’m rummaging through multiple articles I know the theme right away. This includes questions and the things I am on in the article:


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