Documenting: Importing Websites into LocalWP with WP CLI

The process of importing things with LocalWP is the fact that you have to have the .sql file and wp-content folder of a website in the same folder, zip it and then drop it into LocalWP.

This technique is summed up perfectly in this forum thread reply.

I currently able to use SSH to get the wp-content folder of a project on a remote sever. However, the .sql file I get from the cpanel does not work with LocalWP so what I have to do is use the plugin all-in-one importer or something like that to run a backup and then get the .sql file from the backup.

I am reading this article I am on step 5 on the part detailing sql. The following command, “wp db cli” looks promising. But that starts a MySQL session which I don’t want. I’d prefer the command, “wp db export” which exports a SQL file you can also import it with “wp db import file.sql

New Day: Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:18:30 PM CDT

Okay, I have figured out how to use WP CLI to import a .sql file. Now, I just have to fish out that SSH command I used to download a wp-content folder.

This is the command I use to get the wp-content folder of a remote WordPress install onto my device.

scp -P 21098 -r username@ ~/

With the above command you should replace username with appropriate cPanel username and with the Shared IP Address which is found in your cPanel general information area.

.. Now, I still have to figure out how to get a WP CLI instance running in a remote server which I have yet to do.

New Day: Fri 12 Aug 2022 10:20:18 AM CDT

Okay…… so so so I am trying to use SSH to SSH into a a remote WordPress server and then run WP CLI commands. Let’s see what happens.

Alright, so I SSH’d into my remote server ran ‘wp’ and it worked.

But … the remote server that I believe I’m on only would show and interact with the main install. But how would I get into the other install? Let’s find out..

Okay, I’m watching this YouTube video to see if it helps with this problem.

Okay, watched it, didn’t really help for the problem of something like with a cPanel install but it was the only YT video I saw related to this issue so. Article time.

I found this article helpful but still unsure about deciphering paths so I’m just going to bang around a remote install until I figure it out.

The previous command “wp db export” I used to get the .sql file worked to my liking so let’s start with that.

Alright so I was in the root of my remote server and I ran ‘wp db export‘ and it said “Error: This does not seem to be a WordPress installation.” Which is good because I now know more about the paths.

Alright so I have to find a WordPress install, the right folder of that WordPress install and then run the command.

Alright, so I simply entered the public_html folder of a WordPress install and then ran the “wp db export” command.

Go the .sql file to output in the same folder where the “wp db export” was issued. Now it appears I have to run an scp to get the .sql file.

Okay, I got the scp command to work with this:

scp -P 21098 username@ ~/

I also have this command which could get the wp-content folder:

scp -P 21098 -r username@ ~/

logging out: Fri 12 Aug 2022 05:10:15 PM CDT


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