Reading Notes: automating the boring things with Python

chapter 9 has piqued my interest.

basically it’s a book meant to like talk to a novice and like train novice on programming. The thing is, already know all that stuff so I’m going to just like looking to novels or books rather with BASH like how to automate things with bash because not everybody’s going to know bash. It’s really a language that intermediate are higher would you use because beginners with default to pythons so thus that’s going to be the content that I’m looking for.

honestly, I just wanted to know like the possibilities of like a python experts capability of automated things like things that they could do. And then I’ll just do it in my own language. I don’t think that that book is going to put it in there like how I want it unless I’m just going to like look through like hundreds of pages to find the information. So I think I’m going to watch a couple YouTube videos on it and then just research through there I’d like to capabilities of automation through Python. Then just looking to bash scripting more.

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