Documenting: My Developer Workflow Setup on Linux Mint

About my workflow:

I use vim and I use Linux Mint I mainly do web development as it is my main job but I enjoy C++ development as well. I would consider myself an Advanced WordPress developer. I plan to make it to the expert stage by the end of next year.

I personally enjoy Linux Mint as it comes with Vim and if I open a file I can choose to open it with Vim which makes for lightning fast openings.

I am currently in the middle of wiping my Linux machine for a fresh install. I put all of the files which I know is not in the cloud — Google Drive — into a folder named Dev. Which has a particular file structure. Built for efficiency.

My workflow includes FireFox and I had my Firefox a certain way where I viewed page source it would be dark this was a particualry useful customizatoin of FireFox. I would like for there to be a way I can have all of these customization in one Ubuntu file and then I can just boot off of that but have everything but the customizations I liked, wiped.

I also use Termux and then SSH onto my laptop. I used to use Termux a lot more than I do now. But I think it’s really dope to be on my Google Pixel have an idea SSH into my laptop and then write it down.

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