Blog toDo:

Rewrite Divi theme to use Gutenberg.

Make a button/input to donate money to support the blog/me. As a thank you. Include, Amazon Pay, Paypal, CashApp

Also, have a question form where if you’re a struggling dev and want to ask me a question and it’ll be tiered based on my response. So if you pay 10, I’ll get the answer to you with 300 characters. If it’s 30, I’ll provide a more detailed response. But notice the prices are generalities. It’s up to me what it is.

I can write a tutorial on how to make sites super fast with that Google shortcut snippet website thing.
like this site:

  • ** Also, for that donation thing, I can set a reminder to them to remind them at the end of the month or like remind them whenever they get money to contribute. if they want to do it.

Creating an Addon for Xdebug in LocalWp. But rather Vdebug.

  • I should make the comments section where all you to do is sign in with Google to post a comment.

I dislike the fact that on Gutenberg if you press update the sign to update again is shown to be valid again. Like you should press update then after that it should be like a grey color and then only turn blue again if there has been a change to the article.

Make a comparison article on The difference between Chrome devs tools debugger and Xdebug as it relates to WordPress.

I want to write an article on how strager like uses hotkeys to like change the Dom super quickly And I think that would be helpful for devs like working quickly.

  • Adding Text Blocks to Gutenberg – I would like to use Text Blocks and date it so I don’t have to repeat the process over again of copying and pasting.
  • I think I’m going to make a strager fan club where I repost this videos and like I hire people to like analyze his workflow.
  • I would REALLY like for mint tthat I’m using to have multiple clipboard histories so I can circle back and use it
  • I want to have my Mint setup to have great speech to text
  • I want mTask 3:y Mint setup to have a better virtual keyboard cause I’m lazy

  • I should really look into hosting my image files remotely in a place that won’t be changed so that in my local setup I can just reference it that way. Saving space and import time.
  • This is a NSFW post: I think that the x-rated Skyrim mods are a game changer. If I could have that same immersiveness and experience I would immediately change the porn I use for that. I think porn today is gross I always see some other dude’s junk. Also, for those people who are completely against sex work how can you watch porn? Porn is just another form of prostitution.

how to use SQL file to look up woo commerce orders in a way that would be like on the admin side and do it quickly. Viz. Be able to look at the SQL file and decipher as much information as if you were looking at the admin side.

  • The WordPress date thing for finding worked on articles is really crappy. It is different compared to if the article is published or not. It almost appears is if it’s made for articles that are being worked on for a while then published.. I don’t work like that.
  • Adding a search function to the blog, I wrote about Launch.json before but I’m unsure which article it is. I would like to search for Launch.json and have an article with that content popup.
  • I would like to make a Firefox extension which summarizes a video I like. So I don’t have to watch the whole video. Like I would love to digest the inner workings of this video but I don’t have the time.
  • I also want that thing to note, when my first new day thing was at, I don’t think it can track that. That thing being the Gutenberg block that writes new day are logging off or something like that and that will be like my personal log like documenting thing.
  • It would be cool if I could press a hotkey have a bar open up and then type a duckduckgo query and have it search. That way I don’t get blank minded when I open up a new tab.
  • It would also be cool if a block had a toggle switch that said toggle to see this text it’s NSFW. This is good because I would like to publish this article but I don’t want people to see the NSFW parts if they weren’t asking for it. I also would like a way for a block to be secret to only an admin so I can post links to ChatGPT which has yet to make responses public viz. accessible by a public link.
  • I could have the site where if people want to link to a documented one which is the latest they can. As tech updates very often and somethings in the past that used to work can sometimes not work.
  • For that article sign in, I would like to be able to sign in with Telegram to protect anonymity.
  • It’ll be dope for like this like theme. If you could like line up every single like line up pertinent articles in a row, this would be useful for a developer who wants to check up on you. This would be useful so they don’t have to spend time clicking but rather just scroll, that’s it.
  • Building Gutenberg block:
  • I would like to view that BBT video that David Martin did and view it and possibly offer improvements to it as well as summarize it.
  • an alternative to, like, a newsletter. But to be like, oh, what’s up like paid your system or telegram pages system that like, pinged people to the newsletter, that I would send them as an email. So that way their email boxes and all cluttered, this could be a to do project.
  • I would love for the post editor view to be able to be filtered to discriminate between Last Modified and Last Published.
  • Do Magento and Strapi have a better backend than WordPress? Is it easier to learn?
  • The new format would be called a blog-vlog if you would like to know everything that was happening then you can read the notes about it in the description and or blog post.
  • I could make a make a interactive kind of story showing my life from 18 to today. I could also have like a backout thing where if users want to view the story later they can copy a link save it somewhere and resume.
  • I could use this same idea of automation but for screenshots, this would be dope because the Screenshots folder could be in mosaic/tile mode making it easier to grab. But I would rather do it in BASH.
  • Add numbers to a code block of a Gutenberg block and possible have a choice to chose between lines or no lines. Issue here.
  • I would also like for this right click thing to be able to save to the clipboard because as I’m writing THIS I have to do it in the address bar and there are distrcation which can interupt one from their thought
  • I could create a streaming TV channel for users that were cancelled but it’s just a TV station kind of.
  • I could make a check to see if there is a article with a new day but not a log out after it means that it should be checked and logged out.
  • It would be dope if we have functionality so that when a HTML anchor is sucessfully connected it lights up that block similar to how stackoverflow does it.
  • Making Linux Mint remember the things you pasted, 5 pastes ago. SO a history of pastes. Source 1,
  • document the process of setting up an automating that business where I’m going to sell Rubik’s cube posters.
  • I would like to fire a macro for when I want to propose questions to Twitch but I don’t feel like typing the introduction to my question. Ideally, it would be a couple of messages.
  • I could make a system where I organize small documenting projects so I don’t feel bounded to do big stuff.
  • I want Vim to show me the rule of why the word I am spelling is incorrect vs. only just correcting it. I could add this feature onto Firefox as well.
  • Document adding adblocker to the Firefox on my mobile phone.
  • Make a vim plugin which takes the ‘swamp files/work session’ going on and turns it into a .vscode file for other people to use. This is based on @Theo’s critique of Terminal based text editors.
  • I could make a linter for Gutenberg plugins to detect bugs which create faulty blocks.
  • Speech to text functionality on Linux mints or Ubuntu. Using the deep speech modules.
  • Make a WordPress plugin which easily integrates into small businesses inventory. This plugin will make it REALLY easy to display inventory online. So a user just has to show images or something, but I think much effort is going to have to go into making the UI easy preferably I could make it sAllProductso that it is connected to a phone number and then users just send a text message to a number and then it’s updated that way. This could also be a great way to cut down on waste as 2nd-hand products are less waste than new products.
  • – A robot you ask Dev questions and it gives you really good answers. “I made a discord bot that runs on Node.js on a raspberry pi – Something like that COULD be made to hit an API of sorts…..hmmmz”
  • Course on how to use FSE from a Divi dev standpoint.
  • Have the theme which implements the FSE convertor called Borgus. It takes the assets and adds them to theme similar to how the borg gobbles up things but the difference is it keeps the styling.
  • That would be dope if you could right click on a file and it’ll take you to the file in GitHub.
  • For the toDo list, where the bullet point is at there should be a knob to show the urgency of the task from 1 to 10.
  • I could make a web game where you work on Logic sets as a warmup to coding. The goal is the game warms you up as quick as possible to coding. Especially when I wake up it’s hard to get into the ‘programming’ realm.
  • A tool which links local images to live images on site to save loading times and reduce the export size of local projects.
  • It would be dope. If there was a tool for Firefox. Which made it so that you just like press on like a a keyboard click and it ignores all the spelling errors on the page.
  • It would be neat if the code block could be indexed by a search engine so we can look through examples of code very quickly.
  • I could make the dots (…) for a break in writing the article correlates to a time period, so one dot is an hour or say 20 minutes.
  • I should figure out how to change the sort of the post from Time of Published to Last Updated and have a choice of how the user can filter the results.
  • I would like to make a functionality which is a button on a post and when pressed it waits until internet is available and then saves the post.
  • I would like to isolate that issue which said that the interfaces didn’t work because one of them weren’t required or something like that. This was the issue which made me thrown in the towel on adding desired functionality to WC Blocks.
  • It would be great for when I add a link to word to file path the path doesn’t automatically add http//
  • A commenter system which makes in unable for users to post negative things. So it’ll just be a Robot check (not use Google) then in the comments before it post a auditing system will detect if there’s anything negative in there.
  • I I wonder if I can use chat GPT or GPT3 to create a summary of all the documentation I do for a project really to summarize it period.
  • Artifical Intelligence, App Development, Philosophy. On my logo, it’s going to be the above three things on a Penrose Triangle like the Godel, Escher, Bach cover.
  • It would be great if I had a functionality which could search through the codebase for all the extra comments I made and put them in a file with the file name I added as a comment. This would be a good app because I often delete folders I have annotated because it would be better to start from scratch but there are still loads of helpful comments within the project which the folder is in.
  • I really want to create a speech to text app for Linux Mint and have it on the App Store for Linux Mint.
  • I could make an API which sends a code comment to a post so I don’t have to leave my code to write, it’ll be like gh gist create but it’ll send it to the post I’m currently working on.
  • I would like to make an AR viewer of the Penrose triangle for
  • I would like to have a video downloader which can download all the videos I watch at night. This would ideally be through a terminal process (Termux).
  • A component or function which generates a 4 -5 character long string which will then be used to identify it later on in the article/post.
  • Work on the Rust version of ManyVox
  • Make a plugin which turns all the images on a page into .webp files.
  • I like this social country widget thing:

  • I wonder if I can have an empty page on the admin side for testing admin functionalities through JavaScript. So it’ll be just a blank html file but it’ll have all of the same privileges of a edit page. This setup will save lots of time for editing JS code on the admin side.
  • I need to find a way of getting the commands I entered into the dev tools console, preferably send that history to a file.
  • Also, have the history of my clipboard accessible. The clipboard I use to copy and paste, have this clipboard accessible for preferably 10+ copies and pastes.
  • WordPress recaptcha for registering users, article.
  • Figure out how to host a t3 app on a WordPress website.

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